How To Find The Size Of Your Bracelet:

1. Take a cloth tape measure* and wrap it around your wrist. Make sure it sits flat against your skin without being too loose or too tight. Locate your measurement in column 'Measured Wrist Size (cm)'. Using the row with your actual wrist measurement on will show how big a bracelet you will need. In our example the wrist measures 16.5 cm so we have highlighted all the possible sizes that could be used.

*TIP - If you do not have a cloth tape measure use a piece of string or cord and mark your length then measure this on a ruler or tape measure to find your actual size.

2. Please note that the size of the bracelet you require will increase depending on how many beads and charms you want to add. Therefore, with that in mind, before you purchase your bracelet you must know how many beads (and their size) you want to add.

3. If you are going to have a plain bracelet without any charms or beads then the simple rule of thumb is to round your measurement up to the nearest cm and then add 1 cm to your new rounded up measurement see column '
Bracelet Size Plain / No Beads (+1 cm)'. In our example we would need an 18 cm bracelet.

4. For bracelets with up to a maximum of 8 beads we would suggest you add 2 cm to your original measurement see column '
Bracelet Size Up To 8 Beads (+2 cm)'. In our example we would now need a 19 cm bracelet.

5. Finally, if it is your intention to have charms all the way around your bracelet then it is wise to add 3 cm to your original wrist size, this will ensure that the bracelet sits comfortably on your wrist see column '
Bracelet Size Fully Loaded With Beads (+3 cm)'. In this instance with all the beads attached our example would need a 20 cm bracelet for a nice fitting.

6. Important Note - The measurements in the table below are based on the beads being a maximum of 15 mm in diameter. However, if the beads you are going to use are larger then we would strongly recommend adding 4 cm to allow for further reduction in the usable diameter of the bracelet if it was full of charms.

SUMMARY – These measurements are for guidance ONLY. We have found this set of rules to produce a higher proportion of successful fittings. However, people will vary in how they prefer the tightness of their bracelet and ultimately you will need to find your own personal preference that is more comfortable for you.

Wrist Size
Bracelet Size
Plain / No Beads
(+1 cm)
Bracelet Size
Up To 8 Beads
(+2 cm)
Bracelet Size
Fully Loaded With Beads
(+3 cm)
11.1 - 12 13 14 15
12.1 - 13 14 15 16
13.1 - 14 15 16 17
14.1 - 15 16 17 18
15.1 - 16 17 18 19
16.1 - 17 18 19 20
17.1 - 18 19 20 21
18.1 - 19 20 21 22
19.1 - 20 21 22 23
20.1 - 21 22 23 24
21.1 - 22 23 24 25
22.1 - 23 24 25 26