Dangle Charms / Pendants

charmed-charms European styled Charm Bracelet Dangle Charms / Pendants - Things To Know:

Our selection of Charm Bracelet Dangle Charms / Pendants will help you to build a beautifully elegant design on your own Charm Bracelet. All of our Dangle Bead Charms / Pendants are compatible to fit European styled 3mm Charm Bracelets.

We supply all of our Dangle Charms / Pendants as standard with no connector. However, during item selection you can request it to be attached to either a "Slide On Bail" or a "Clip On Lobster Clasp". These options allow the product to be used for many different projects.

For those customers requesting Dangle Charms / Pendants on a connector we construct all our Dangle Charms on site, to order, enabling us to secure them to the connector using a "Heavy Duty Open Jump Ring". charmed-charms use stronger Jump Rings than fitted by general manufacturers and suppliers ensuring the product is as robust as possible. The Heavy Duty Jump Ring ensures our charms are far less likely to break off the bracelet than standard factory supplied products.

Our products are non-branded generic pieces and we provide full product specifications on our listings so you can gauge which will fit your specific branded item.

Please be aware item colour may vary depending on your display device.