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General Care and Safety Instructions

  1. Costume Jewelry should NOT be given to children under the age of 36 months due to potential choking hazards of removable small parts.
  2. Maintain your Costume Jewelry daily by cleaning with a dry lint free cloth.  Do NOT use any cleaning solutions especially silver cleaner on Plated items as it will strip the silver or gold plating coat.
  3. Costume Jewelry is generally NOT designed to be worn on a permanent basis due to the very nature of its construction & materials used.
  4. Avoid ALL contact with water. If the Jewelry does become wet, immediately dry it off with a clean dry lint free cloth. Do NOT use any cleaning solutions.
  5. Avoid ALL extreme temperatures. Do NOT wear Jewelry in either extreme cold or hot weather conditions as the Jewelry pieces may become extremely uncomfortable possibly causing burns by heat transfer. The heated metal is also far more likely to react with your skin & sweat damaging / dulling the surface.
  6. Extreme temperatures cause the body to sweat. The dampness from the sweat will damage the Jewelry surfaces if the Jewelry is left in contact with the sweat for too long without being removed & dried. A combination of heat, sweat & base metals could also cause skin irritation.
  7. Avoid all sharp objects that could scratch the Jewelry piece. Silver or Gold Plated Costume Jewelry pieces if scratched will lose their visual appeal due to there being only a thin layer of Silver or Gold bonded onto the base metal & therefore if scratched will possibly reveal the base metal beneath.
  8. Before purchasing new Costume Jewelry always find out what metals & other materials are used in the construction of the Jewelry piece to ensure you avoid any base metals that you have allergic reactions with. Also you may already know if your skin / sweat are more likely to damage certain material surfaces.

Specific Torque Bangle Care

  1. Before wearing your torque bangle ensure the end balls are fastened. Failure to tighten the bangle balls enough will see them work loose as the bangle moves naturally up and down the wrist which can then unscrew the balls without being noticed.
  2. Depending on the individual, sometimes finger tightening of the balls is not enough. To ensure the balls are tight enough grip the balls with rubber thimbles, gloves or rubber bands.  This provides extra grip and allows the ball to be tightened more.
  3. Do NOT use pliers or metal grips to either screw or unscrew the bangle end balls as this will damage the surface of the Jewelry.
  4. If the bangle end balls are too tight and can not be removed using fingers alone. Use either rubber thimbles, gloves or simply wrap rubber bands around the ball to gain a better grip which will then allow it to be undone more easily.
  5. We quality check every Bangle before dispatch. When testing the End Balls we do NOT tighten the Balls on the Bangle to ensure you do not have any issues removing them. Therefore, it is important the first time you wear your Bangle to remember to tighten up both Bangle End Balls otherwise they will come loose when worn.

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