charmed-charms Bangles - Things To Know:

We have a selection of both elegant Charm Bangles which are compatible to fit European styled Charms and Beads as well as beautiful Fashion Bangles.

Our 3mm thick Torque Charm Bangles have two screw threaded end balls which can easily be unscrewed and removed to fit your beads and charms. The end balls themselves act as stopper beads helping to prevent beads with smaller cores dropping off your Bangle.

All of our Bangles are hand tested before dispatch to ensure the end balls tighten up to the point where they are unable to be unscrewed normally by fingers alone without using a rubber thimble. We recommend that all Bangle balls are tightened with a rubber thimble to ensure they are fastened enough to stop them working loose when being worn.

Please be aware item colour may vary depending on your display device.